Limeline centralizes your newsfeeds in one place.

Lightweight, GitHub, RSS and Twitter aggregator. No accounts and fully private.

Twitter feeds

Twitter has blocked access to their services for people who don’t have an account, so Limeline can no longer show these feeds. According to Twitter, this is a temporary measure.

Fight RSS fatigue

Limeline lists only the most recent items and does not create a reading list that you can never catch up with. Say goodbye to mark all as read.

Atom feeds are supported as well.


There are no accounts on Limeline, when you create a newsfeed you get a unique URL which is used to access and update it. Inactive newsfeeds are deleted after one year.

Wide range of sources

Track releases from GitHub repositories, tweets from Twitter, and RSS feeds from any website.

You are in control, choose how many items are displayed for each source and rearrange them at will.

Create my newsfeed

Automatic RSS URL detection

Limeline can help you find the right RSS URL for the website you want to add, just enter the website's URL.

Add source

One-click sources

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